Notice for CHP+ offered by Colorado Access members

CHP+ HMO Member Network Prescriber Letter

SMCN Member Network Prescriber Letter

Our pharmacy network changed on August 21, 2017. Please see the updated pharmacy listing below:

Per state requirements, members are not subject to missed appointment fees, even if cancellation occurred within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

Here you can find important tools, helpful documents and other health plan resources. If you need these materials in another language, please call us at 888-214-1101.

Your Dental Benefits

Good oral health is key to overall long-term health. As a CHP+ offered by Colorado Access member, you can get cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings and root canals done through Delta Dental. Call Delta Dental for more information at 800-610-0201.


We periodically send newsletters to members of our CHP+ offered by Colorado Access program. Our newsletters contain benefit information, nutritional tips, and much more!


Spring Symptoms

Sintomas de Primavera

Screen Time

Cuidado De Verano


Chequeos de Bienestar

Medication Safety

Seguridad de Medicamentos

2016 Mental Health
Salud Mental
Get Outdoors!

¡Disfrute El Aire Libre!

Take Care of Yourself

Cuidarse A Si Mismo

 The Flu and You

La Gripe Y Usted

2015 Mental Health
Salud Mental
  New look!
Back to School Wellness

Bienestar para Escuela
 Don't Let the Flu Tackle You
¡No Deje Que La Gripe Lo Derribe!
2014 Health Insurance and You
El Seguro de Salud y Usted
Summer Activities
Actividades de Verano
Flu Shots
Vacunas Contra la Gripe
2013 Fight the Flu
Luchar Contra la Gripe
2012 Winter Safety
Sequridad de Invierno
BMI and Healthy Eating
Preste Atención al IMC de su Niño
Home Safety
Seguridad en el Hogar
Family Fitness
Salud Familiar
2011 Nutrition
Summer Safety
Seguridad del Verano
Don't Let the Flu Tackle You!
No Dejes que la Gripe te Enfrente

Prescription Drug Information

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