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At Colorado Access, we want to make sure you have the information you need to stay healthy. Remember, if you have questions or concerns about your health, talk to you provider.

Questions to ask your Provider

Going to see your provider can be confusing. At times it can feel like you walk out with more questions than answers. To help you get the most out of your provider visit, we've put together some helpful information.

How to Read a Food Label

Shopping for food can be a difficult task. Knowing how to read a food label can help you chose healthy foods for you and your family. Click here to download a PDF of instructions on how to read a food label.

Practice Guidelines

We encourage our providers to follow standard practice guidelines. These may be of interest to you. Click here to review these guidelines.

Immunize For Good Immunize for good website

Click here to go to Immunize For Good. This website is made possible by a joint project of the Colorado Children's Immunization Coalition, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Vaccine Advisory Committee of Colorado (VACC). These organizations work to further childhood immunization coverage in Colorado through education, vaccine provider resources and parental support.

Colorado Access Partner Providers

Children's Hospital Colorado
(720) 777-1234

Colorado Community Managed Care Network
(This link goes to the CCHN website. Information about community health centers can be found on the CCHN website.)

University of Colorado Hospital
(720) 848-0000

University Physicians, Inc.
(303) 493-7000

Mental Health Center of Denver
(303) 504-1250


The internet has websites that you can go to for general health information. You may find some of the websites below to be helpful.

Please note: The list below is provided as a service to our members. Colorado Access is not responsible for the information given on these sites.

General Information
www.webmd.com A source for health information on many topics.
www.mayoclinic.com A source for health information on many topics.
www.cdphe.state.co.us Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
www.lungusa.org The American Lung Association. This is a good site to help you learn about asthma, COPD and other lung diseases.
www.diabetes.org The American Diabetes Association. This is a good site to help you learn about diabetes.
Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitors Information about AccuChek blood glucose meters. There is a free Diabetes Assistance Program in which you can enter your blood testing results and have them turned into a chart. This can help you get a better picture of your sugar control.
www.hrsa.gov/leap/ LEAP Program. Go here to learn how to test the feeling of your feet. This is done by using a small piece of plastic line called a monofilament. This site also tells you how to get one of these.
Heart Disease/Stroke
www.heart.org American Heart Association. To order free handouts on heart health as well as online information.
www.stroke.org The National Stroke Associaton has information about how to prevent and identify the symptoms of a stroke.
www.cdc.gov/vaccines National Immunization Program - information on vaccines.
www.cdc.gov/flu Information on the flu.
win.niddk.nih.gov Weight Control Information Network (WIN). To get free materials on obesity, weight control and nutrition.
www.eatright.org Nutrition information from the American Dietetic Association.
www.colorado.gov/cdphe Information on the Smoking Quitline - Colorado Department of Health.
Living with a Disability
www.abledata.com Fact sheets and consumer guides on equipment and products for people with disabilities.
www.afb.org American Foundation for the Blind. This gives a listing of services for the blind and visually impaired.
www.disabilityresources.org/COLORADO.html Guide to Colorado disability resources on the internet.
www.theacpa.org American Chronic Pain Association. Has information on treatment options for chronic pain.
Mental Health
www.mhacolorado.org Mental Health America Colorado - Has information about medications, treatment and consumer's rights related to mental health issues.
www.dbsalliance.org The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Advocacy group for people with these mood disorders.
Pregnancy /Newborn
www.marchofdimes.com March of Dimes has information on pregnancy and newborn care.
www.colorado.gov/cdphe WIC Program (nutrition program for women, infants and children) - Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
www.safekids.org National Safe Kids Campaign has safety information for children.
www.saferoads.org Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety
www.cpsc.gov US Consumer Product Safety Commission

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