CHP+ offered by Colorado Access is a health insurance plan for children who qualify for CHP+ and who live in the CHP+ offered by Colorado Access service area.

If you would like to find out if you and your family qualify for CHP+, call us today. We have a team who is here to help. You can reach our Certified Application Assistance Site team at 303-755-4138 or toll free at 855-221-4138.

Enrolling in CHP+ offered by Colorado Access is Easy!

5 Simple Steps:

  1. Download the CHP+ application or call us at 800-359-1991 to request an application.
  2. Fill out the CHP+ application - If you need help completing the application, call CHP+ at 800-359-1991.
  3. When you fill out the application for CHP+, you must choose a health plan. Consider choosing Colorado Access as your health plan. To do so, write "Colorado Access" at the bottom of page 10 in the blank space for "HMO."
  4. Make sure you include all required documents. Click here to see what documents you will need.
  5. After you finish the application, mail it to: CHP+, PO Box 929, Denver, CO 80201.

If you have questions about the application, visit or call CHP+ at 800-359-1991. Click here to download the income guidelines.

Once you're enrolled with CHP+ offered by Colorado Access you'll receive:

  • $150 toward eyeglasses or contact lenses per calendar year.
  • More than 200 over-the-counter medications like vitamins and Tylenol®, when prescribed by a doctor.
  • 40 outpatient visits per calendar year for physical, occupational, and speech therapy.
    • Unlimited physical, occupational, and speech therapy for children ages 0-3.
  • Reduced copayments for prescriptions.
  • Special health care programs for diseases such as diabetes, depression, and asthma.
  • Bilingual interpretation services.
  • Healthcare services from a dedicated network of providers, including many private doctors' offices and clinics.
  • Member Rights
  • Summary of Covered Benefits

If you have questions about CHP+ offered by Colorado Access, call us at 303-751-9021, toll free 888-214-1101 or TTY for the deaf or hard of hearing at 888-803-4494.

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